list of search tips in google

  1. If you find some information you need in google, maybe you find amount of many information that not you need that avoid you find what you need. Here tips to improve your search result in google.
  2. Specify your search with more and specific keyword
  3. Use advance search near search button in google
  4. Specify your file type (extension) information you need. Type [your keyword] at google search box and type:ext:[extension name]. Example: jepara ext:pdf
  5. If you find one site that you need, and you want to find similar site, type: your keyword and type related:[url site]. Example:
  6. If you find search information in one site, you can type: [your keyword] and type site:[url site]. Example: furniture
  7. If you find URL name site that have keyword you need, type allinurl:[your keyword]. Example: allinurl:jepara
  8. if you find definition of term or word, you can type: define:[your keyword]. Example: define:furniture
  9. If you find keyword on title, type: allintitle:[your keyword]. Example: allintitle:jepara
  10. If you find page in certain range of days, type : daterange:(yyyy-mm-dd)(yyyy-mm-dd). exampe: daterange:(2006-05-03)(2006-06-04)