firebug is easy way to inspect cms, because it like "you edit as you
see". you can inspect element in your web/cms in browser. so you can
get what script of the element. you can resize form font, delete, change
color. but the problem, this tool is not give save changes yet.

I google how to save changes in firebug, but it not give me solution of
the problem.

I browsing and browsing, and I found firefile. it is help us to save css
we change in fire bug. how to use it, you can read manual.

first, you must to install firebug in firefox. it is addon
second, you must to install in firefox
third, you can download filefile, and upload in your webserver or localhost
forth, you can open firefile.php to register your web
fifth, you can use, you can save css you make and upload the the

it is work